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    Character Profile Sheet

    Post  Omega on 1/23/2013, 2:13 am

    Really knowing who your character is before you jump into an RP will lead to them growing into a stronger character later on, as well as a stable character just starting out. Feel free to add or subtract fields where needed.

    Only the fields with * have to be filled out. Everything else is optional.

    [size=18]Name[/size] *
    [i]Post Color:[/i]

    [b]Biographical Information:[/b]
    [i]Race:[/i] *
    [i]Age:[/i] *
    [i]Birth Date:[/i]

    [b]Physical Description:[/b]
    [i]Gender:[/i] *
    [i]Physical Form:[/i] * (unless you have a picture for your character) *

    [b]Personal Information:[/b]
    [i]Weapon of Choice:[/i]
    [i]Fighting Style:[/i]
    [i]Passive Ability:[/i]
    [i]Personality:[/i] *

    [b]Chronological and Political Information:[/b]
    [i]Background History:[/i] *

    [spoiler=Character Picture][/spoiler]

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